By downloading free vouchers for accommodation in Serbia, you get the opportunity to provide yourself with moments of active vacation in your retirement days, enjoying a vacation with your grandchildren, or taking a break from the fast rhythm of everyday working life, at a very affordable price.

Basic information:

The voucher for a subsidized vacation in Serbia can be used as follows:

  • the voucher can only be used in catering establishments outside the place of residence and outside the place of study of the voucher user;
  • the voucher can be used for a minimum of five nights;
  • the voucher can cover a maximum amount worth RSD 5,000. If the invoice amount is higher, the user is obliged to pay the rest of the amount from his own funds. If the amount of the bill is less, the voucher covers the entire amount, and the difference of up to 5,000 dinars cannot be used subsequently;
  • the user of the voucher submits the application in person and on that occasion submits it for inspection, i.e. attaches the necessary documentation. Exceptionally, for a minor or legally incompetent person, who meets the conditions for the voucher award, the application is submitted by the legal representative (parent or guardian), along with proof of legal representation.

Who can get a voucher?

The following are eligible to receive vouchers:

  1. beneficiaries of pension rights;
  2. persons older than 65 years, counting from the day on which the application for the award of the voucher is submitted, who do not exercise the right to a pension;
  3. unemployed persons from the records of the National Employment Service and other persons on the records of the National Employment Service (beneficiaries of special cash benefits and temporary benefits);
  4. beneficiaries of the right to an allowance for assistance and care of another person, who exercise that right in accordance with the law regulating social protection;
  5. beneficiaries of the right to an allowance for assistance and care of another person, who exercises that right in accordance with the law governing pension and disability insurance;
  6. employed persons with incomes that do not exceed the amount of 70,000 dinars per month;
  7. disabled war veterans and civilian disabled war veterans with incomes that do not exceed 70,000 dinars per month;
  8. Beneficiaries of the right to compensation for family disability per fallen soldier;
  9. Holders of an active family agricultural farm who declared that they are exclusively engaged in agriculture, registered in the Register of Agricultural Farms in accordance with the Law on Agriculture and Rural Development (“Official Gazette of RS”, No. 41/09 and 10/13 – Dr. Law and 101/16),
  10. students.

The user of the voucher can exercise the right to subsidized use of services in catering establishments on one basis only.

How to get a voucher?

You can get the voucher very easily! First of all, you have to make an accommodation reservation and fill in the Application.

For more information and reservations, contact us at the following phone number: 064 64 52 863.