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Zlatibor – environment and surroundings

About 200km away from Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo is Zlatibor Mountain, a jewel of western Serbia, a health resort where continental and coastal winds are crossing. Zlatibor is a mountain with approximately 2,000 hours of sunshine a year. Considering this and all other plentiful natural beauties Zlatibor owns, with its local specialties and friendly hosts, it is a place for real enjoyment.
Zlatibor has been the most visited mountain in Serbia for years. The highest peak of this nature park is Tornik (1496m), above whom the Wind rose blossomed, which makes this mountain a unique oasis of health.


Sirogojno is the most famous ethno village built from houses brought from all over Zlatibor. In order to preserve the tradition of Zlatibor village, in these houses you can see exhibits that were used in the daily life of one peasant family.

Sirogojno is also known for its valuable knitters that turn wool into beautiful handmade sweaters that are sold throughout Europe. During the season, literary, musical and art gatherings are organized here, as well as summer school exhibitions and lectures.

Stopica cave

STOPIĆA CAVE is located near the place Rožanstvo on Zlatibor. The entrance to the cave is located at 711.18m of altitude, and the entrance itself is impressive, as the width of the gape is 35m and the height is 18m. This cave is about 2000m long and about 50m high.

It is one of the most beautiful caves in Serbia, although it is not very rich with cave decorations.


Drvengrad is an ethno village built to resemble the city. It is located between the mountains of Tara and Zlatibor on a hilly part called Mecavnik, above the village Mokra Gora. You can see many interesting things here.

The small central square is paved with wood, and there are small wooden houses around. Emir Kusturica, our famous film director, has marked the streets of Drvengrad after famous writers and actors.

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Zlatibor – environment and surroundings