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About Zlatibor

About 200 km from Belgrade, Podgorica and Sarajevo is the mountain Zlatibor, the jewel of western Serbia, an aerial spa where continental and coastal winds meet. Zlatibor is a mountain with about 2,000 hours of sunshine per year, which, together with the natural beauty of which Zlatibor abounds, local specialties and friendly hosts, is a place for real enjoyment. Zlatibor has been the most visited mountain in Serbia for years. The highest peak of this nature park is Tornik (1496m), above which the rose of winds bloomed, which makes this mountain a unique oasis of health.

About the Gondola

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola – the pride of the entire Zlatibor – in a very short time became not only the biggest attraction, but also a real tourist flywheel of the entire region.

With its route of almost 9 kilometers, it is the longest single-segment panoramic gondola in the world. With a capacity of 800 passengers/h, 72 cabins with 10 seats each, and with the possibility of a maximum capacity of 90 cabins and 1000 passengers/h, it moves at a maximum speed of 6 m/s. The drive from the starting station in the center of Zlatibor to the final station on the highest peak, Tornik, takes about 30 minutes, and the altitude difference of 531m is crossed.

This panoramic enjoyment would not be complete without a break at the intermediate station, which is located approximately half way to Tornik, and the beautiful Ribničko Lake, which in all its magnificence curves along a part of the route, simply entices everyone to stop at least for a moment and enjoy the beautiful view.

The Gold Gondola is exactly what Zlatibor lacked to establish itself as the most visited domestic tourist destination – a special attraction, a kind of bridge between urban and rural, a link between modern and pristine Zlatibor and something that opened up a whole new dimension of the tourist offer. Our visitors got the opportunity to enjoy the experience from a completely different perspective and it is safe to say that Zlatibor before and after the gondola is not the same.


Sirogojno is the most famous ethnic village built from houses brought from all over Zlatibor. In order to preserve the tradition of the Zlatibor village, in these houses you can see exhibits that were used in the daily life of a family.

In the Ethno village of Sirogojno, you can explore authentic wooden houses with traditionally decorated interiors, where every piece of furniture and every decoration is carefully crafted to evoke the atmosphere of old times. Visit workshops where you will be able to engage in various crafts such as weaving, knitting, making traditional souvenirs and many other skills that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Sirogojno is also known for its hard-working knitters who turn the wool into beautiful handmade sweaters that are sold all over Europe. During the season, literary, musical, artistic gatherings, as well as summer school exhibitions and lectures are organized here.

Stopica cave

STOPIĆA CAVE is located near the town of Rožanstva on Zlatibor. The entrance to the cave is located at 711.18m above sea level, and the entrance itself is impressive, because the width of the opening is 35m, and the height is 18m. This cave is about 2000m long and about 50m high.

In addition to the aesthetic beauty, Stopića Cave also offers an opportunity to learn and understand the process of creating cave formations. Educational tours provide information about the geological processes that shaped this cave, as well as about life underground. Visitors of all ages have the opportunity to learn about the unique natural balance and preservation of these precious ecosystems.

For all lovers of photography, Stopića cave is a real treasure. The photographic moments you will capture in this underground world will provide you with unforgettable memories and beautiful images that will forever remain a part of your album.


DRVENGRAD is an ethnic village built to resemble a city. It is located between the mountains of Tara and Zlatibor on a hilly part called Mećavnik, above the village of Mokra Gora. You can see many interesting things here.
The central small square is paved with wood, surrounded by small wooden houses. Emir Kusturica, our famous film director, marked the streets of Drvengrad that are named after famous writers and actors.

Drvengrad is a magical place that offers a unique experience of art, culture and nature. Whether you are a lover of film, art, or simply want to indulge in the enchanting ambiance, Drvengrad invites you to explore its secrets and depth. Plan your visit and prepare to be part of this unique artistic experience.